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Mapo Paneer – Nihal Gokhale

Authentic spicy Sichuan style paneer and pork mince, great to have on the side with some gravy and rice. A dish I cooked for my mom on her birthday!

A twist on Mapo Tofu with paneer instead of silken tofu.


250 gms – paneer, cut into rectangles ( use silken tofu preferably )
1/2 tablespoon – Sichuan Peppercorn roasted and ground (alternatively, you can use Black Pepper or White Pepper powder…I used ground Triphal)
2 tablespoons – vegetable oil (use more if necessary)
2 teaspoons – cold water
1 teaspoon – cornstarch
100gms – pork mince
1/2 teaspoon – garlic paste
1/2 teaspoon – ginger paste
1 tablespoon – Fermented Chili Bean Paste (I used a 1:1 mixture of Miso and Gochujang)
1 tablespoon – Chinese Cooking Wine or Rice Wine
1/2 tablespoon – dark soy sauce
1/8 cup – chicken stock
1/8 cup – roasted chili oil
2 – spring onions chopped finely


1)Boil the paneer for a minute to soften it up and strain and keep. This is especially important if it has been in the fridge recently.

2) Combine corn starch and water in a bowl and whisk until homogenous.

3) Heat oil in a wok over high heat until smoking. Add pork and cook for about a minute while stirring constantly. Add ginger and garlic paste and cook for 15-20 seconds. Add the chili bean paste, soy sauce, cooking wine, and chicken stock and bring to a boil.

4) Add the cornstarch slurry to the wok and cook until thickened. Add in the paneer carefully (try not to break it up).

5) Add in the chili oil and half of the spring onions and simmer for half a minute. Transfer to a bowl and garnish with remaining spring onions and the ground Sichuan powder. Serve with steamed rice and a chilli oil if you like.


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