Table Talk

‘What keeps me motivated is not the food itself but all the bonds and memories the food represents’ – Michael Chiarello

Hello and Welcome to my virtual memoir!

Food is an expression of love. People express their feelings for you through the food they serve you. Emotions are something that are not substantial, but for me they, quite often, take form on a plate.  Many of us look for food to comfort us on a lonely night. Why is it that we don’t like to eat alone? It is because food plays that role in our lives that drives us to form social relationships. Our Foodprints was conceived to cherish such memories and bonds that have developed through dining table conversations.

I am a Grade 12 student studying currently at Aditya Birla World Academy and will soon be going abroad to pursue further studies. While the thought of studying abroad and living independently may seem really exciting, it is also quite daunting. The fact that I would be leaving the place I call home scares me a little. Part of what makes my home ‘home’ is my grandmother’s food. What if I crave a homemade midnight snack? Or a dish to satiate my sweet tooth? While it is necessary to adjust to a new lifestyle, we wouldn’t want to completely let go of the food and memories that have made us who we are today. Hence, I will be frequently posting recipes that are quick and  easy to make with minimal ingredients. While I won’t be able to provide you with the complete experience of learning to cook with your parents, this is my small attempt at making you feel at home, even when you are not. 

Additionally, as the name suggests, Our Foodprints is an open invitation to all of you as well. You  may share your traditional recipes and stories with me which will then be posted on this website (to submit your recipes click here). I hope this proves to be a throwback to your most memorable moments with  your family and friends which you will be able to relive every time you visit ‘Our Foodprints’. Let’s leave our foodprints for every student studying away from home!